Thursday, 27 June 2013

Paper @ The Saatchi Gallery.

Today I went to the Saatchi Gallery....again.

I had planned to relax with my book in the common, but by the time I was back from my swim and had  eaten my lunch, the clouds came rolling in. Always the case.

At that point, I planned a new adventure. The Saatchi Gallery is one bus, door to door, so it makes for an easy visit. I also had some things to return on The King's Road so it was really killing two birds with one stone.

There's a new exhibit on at the Saatchi called Paper. I loved it! It was full of some wonderful pieces. All sorts of collages, huge paintings done on massive pieces of paper, sculptures, paper mache pieces, and tributes to the trees. It was a fantastic show.

Have a look:

These are close up images of a large mural

Again, a close up section of the mural that is spanning two walls (above).

You might not be able to see, but all of the newspaper clippings on the couch have to do with Obama. Hmm...

This bust was created with paper and a glue gun (from what I can tell).

These portraits were two-piece collages. All contained the head of an old statue with a new face from a photograph (or part of a new face). You can't really tell, but the artist matched the colours really well.

A large sphere attached to the wall, created using paper pulp.

These 'logs' have newspaper clipping on their ends.

A pretty powerful statement. A long row of paper bags, with delicate trees carved within them.

Word Art on loose leaf paper.

Illustrations on Paper Cups.

Yes, they are used.

A tissue paper sculpture. Very cool.

A floating city.

I could have stared at these floor plans for ever. The detail was very cool. I tried to capture it, but unfortunately was getting a lot of glare.

A close up of a section in the above collage.

Pretty inspiring isn't it? I think I'll be heading back to this show before it's over. If you're in London, check it out.