Sunday, 4 June 2017

Island Time: A weekend on Pender Island

Have you ever spent any time on any of the Gulf Islands? I certainly feel very lucky whenever I get the chance.
It's unfortunate that I started this post last summer, after returning from a blissful weekend with a friend on Pender Island, and then promptly left it to gather dust in the 'drafts bin' never to return. Jamey and I had a wonderful time at her family's place, cooking, hiking, kayaking, reading, and roaming the island, and generally recharging. I was unlucky in my whale watching on this trip, but if you're patient, you have good chance of spotting the resident orca whales (The 'J-Pod'). We lucked out with warm temperatures and bluebird days, and were able to eat our dinner outside most evenings. How could one not take advantage of such an amazing outdoor kitchen? Thanks for the invite, Jamey!

A quick post with lots of pictures. 

Have a look...


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