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Welcome! I'm Courtenay, and the creator of the blog, Beyond the Blue Umbrella. I proudly call Vancouver, B.C. my home (do I sound like a Molson commercial or what?). I have recently returned home after a year of study in London. I started Beyond the Blue Umbrella as a hobby, but also as a means of documenting my adventures. I love art, sports, fashion, food, and travel, as well as all things 'Will and Kate' (as long as we're being honest with each other). 

While last year abroad was quite the adventure, I'm hoping to approach life on my home turf with a similar attitude. This includes saying yes to (almost) everything, and experiencing the Pacific Northwest with fresh eyes.

But that's not all...

  • I'm the slowest drinker on many continents (milkshakes are the only liquid I can drink quickly)
  • I can't burp (my brother's have tried to teach me- the best I can do is a gurgle...good thing I'm a slow drinker)
  • I'm a horrible packer, usually leaving it all until the last minute (yes, packing for a year away, shed years off the lives of those around me)
  • I like 'roughing it' but prefer bed and breakfasts
  • My favourite musician is Paul Simon (by a landslide), I have a soft spot for Mumford & Sons (and yes, a dream come true when they released 'the boxer' together), and am a closet Country Music fan
  • I played volleyball in University, and have hardly touched a ball since
  • I am the oldest child....and it's obvious (come on, is that really such a bad thing?)
  • I've had my heart broken once or twice, but am excited about what lies ahead (see two below)
  • I'm competitive, and have a hard time losing (for this reason, I hate golf, because I'm terrible)
  • I like redheads (6'3" and above please) Do you know any?
  • My family is a horse family, and I don't ride (and no, you can't make me)
  • Some of my 'Happy Places' include (but are not limited to): The Berkshires, Barbados, Cape Cod, Cinque Terre, Oxford, LONDON LONDON LONDON, and obviously, Vancouver
  • I have a mean ping-pong game, but have been known to throw my paddle 
  • I have always aspired to cook like my mom, and I guess I assumed it would just happen (now I'm playing catch-up after the hard realization that being a good cook takes practice)
  • I smile a lot and have the laugh lines to prove it
  • Anything chocolate is the way to my heart (....or you can surprise me with flowers, or tell me you love Paul Simon...you get the picture)

Trust me, there are more quirky secrets, but you'll have to read to find out.

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